Growth Pitstop™ is the 5th book by Ray Collis and John O Gorman and their passion is the untapped potential of organizations and teams.

Ray Collis

Ray leads the development of the Growth Pitstop®’s cloud-based data analytics and algorithm, now used to identify millions of dollars of performance losses and potential gains across the financial services, pharmaceutical, medical device and high-tech sectors. Based on Oslo Norway, Ray is co-author of the Pitstop series of 6 books.

‘Business is a lot like racing.  It is about; competition, speed and winning.  There is only one thing missing – great pitstops!’

John O Gorman

John is an accredited executive coach and managing partner of Growth PitStop®. His passion is performance psychology, unlocking human potential and aligning models of growth and performance thinking.  Based in Dublin Ireland, John is co-author of the Pitstop research series of 6 books.

‘Why does so much potential go unexploited? To find out we have conducted research across 47 markets and 12 industries.  Via our books we have made a commitment to this research available to all who share our passion for accelerating growth.’

Our Organization

Ray and John are members of the Growth Pitstop® team.

Growth Pitstop® is recognised as one of the most exciting performance analytics companies in the world.We leverage the latest science and psychology of performance, together with F1™-style BIG data, to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of business units, leaders and their teams.

Other Contributors

Although it is the names of Ray Collis and John O Gorman that appear on the cover, Growth Pitstop™ is the creation of the thousands of executives who participated in our programs and research.  These includes executives from teams and business units within organizations, such as; IBM, BT, 3M, Pfizer, KBC Bank, Bloomberg, ARUP, and GE.


Growth Pitstop™ is dedicated to racing legend Michael Schumacher who although naturally super-talented recognized that you need a team to win.

Curiosity has driven our research across multiple disciplines.  Our research has been greatly influenced by the work of so many others to whom we are very grateful.  The books in the Pitstop Research Series are meticulously referenced – providing a clear trail through the estimated 2.2 million pages of desk research we have undertaken.