Teams Don’t Work™ is part of a series of 7 books which are the culmination of ten years of applied research and joint creation with over 3,500 executives from teams and business units within organizations, such as; IBM, BT, 3M, Pfizer, KBC Bank, Bloomberg  and GE.

Inter-Disciplinary Research

The pitstop research has integrated tools and methods from the following fields of study; social psychology, behavioral economics, organizational design and business management.  This is a unique blend and it is something that we are particularly proud of.

The pitstop meta model is the first in the world to integrate performance design and dynamics, strategy and execution.  It is also the first to identify performance losses and transform them into gains.

Research Series

The multi-disciplinary pitstop research is presented across a series of 7 acclaimed books.  The objective of these books is to share our research as widely as possible with all those interested in performance.

The books in the Pitstop Research Series are meticulously referenced – providing a clear trail through an estimated 2.2 million pages of desk research.

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